astrology will help you trust yourself again


It is the best friend you wish you had on speed dial when things get confusing. 

Are you ready to tap into the wisdom you are craving? The answers you seek are hidden among the stars. 

 Adulthood was supposed to feel like slipping on Prada's & sipping Veuve. So, why does it feel like you're racing to catch up in your old middle school tennis shoes?

in 2019, I was at the top of my career...

... or so I thought.

I had just received my 3rd promotion in 3 years, and I was making a significant impact across an organization of 77,000 employees. I also had the cookie-cutter household everyone desired. I had a great husband, picture-perfect family, dream house, and glamorous vacations to mirror my work success. On the outside, everything looked perfect.

On the inside, I was exhausted, a daily ball of anxiety, and felt completely empty. I had no idea why or how to begin to find clarity on why I wasn't enjoying this as much as I wanted to.

can you relate...

  • Are your days filled with "what if" moments that quickly turn into frustration and anxiety for your current circumstances? What if I had a different job, partner... life...
  • Do you feel like you're carrying around dark little secrets about what you truly want because you're scared no one will understand? 
  • Do you find yourself muttering "what the f*ck" under your breath more often than you'd like to admit? 
  • Do you feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere and are starting to panic that you may never find your way back to who you really are?
  • Does the reflection in the mirror feel like a stranger that you keep playing dress-up with every day? Maybe you feel like you're just going through the motions each day.
  • Are your nights spent trying to escape the tightness in your chest and the racing thoughts that signal something needs to change, but you can't see your way out of this mess?
  • Do you just want to "be happy" instead of feeling like you have to put everyone else's happiness (and needs) first?
  • Are you terrified "it's too late"???

It feels impossible right now, but you see others make their way out of this darkness; why can't you? Somewhere deep down, you know you can too, or you wouldn't be here. 

What if I could show you how to get back... to the real you?

i used
to be in
your shoes

I remember feeling so selfish for wanting more out of my life. I had literally everything you could dream of, and yet, it wasn't enough. My soul felt unsettled and fidgety. I felt like a sham.

On the outside, things were picture-perfect. On the inside, I had an emotional storm brewing. Things were shifting. My closest relationships were ending. My point of view and values were shaken to my core. I had no idea how to navigate, and honestly, I was scared. 

That's when I quit my job following an unresolved #metoo moment at work and a toxic work environment. Overnight I went from kicking ass and taking names to feeling like I couldn't get out of bed... or afford a manicure. That's when I found astrology. A tool I never knew I needed, but that changed my life in the most profound way possible. It saw me, and suddenly my beautiful, messy, fabulous life started to make sense.

The entire way I looked at myself, my emotions and my desires changed forever. I finally understood why I was here and why following my passion for more would set me free.

Astrology gave me permission to live life on my terms. It helped me understand that I wasn't behind schedule, and there was plenty of time to make the changes my soul was craving.


what if...

... making changes in your life felt easy and gave you a sense of validation that you've never felt before?

... understanding yourself in this new way enriched the relationship you have with yourself and nurtured your connections with others?

... you had a sophisticated tool to help you understand how you process and manage your emotions, resulting in less friction in your life?

... learning how to apply basic astrology concepts to your life felt fun, simple, and liberating?

... this is your opportunity to take one step closer to being exactly who you are meant to be?

The truth is all of this is available to you right now. The stars are always working for you. You have to learn how to work with them, so you know the short-cuts to the magic you are truly craving.

Astrology is who you are when you're naked.

The moment your soul came into this world, it was pure and unapologetic. 

Astrology brings you back to that. It magically strips away all the conditions, limiting beliefs, and expectations life has put on you. It gives you permission to be who you are regardless of what anyone else thinks.

You desire more because you are meant for more. There is no accident that you're reading this and that you feel drawn to find the answers your soul seeks.

Let's go... beyond your horoscope.


  • Discover why astrology is the ultimate self-growth tool 
  • Get to know your moon sign & how it relates to emotional regulation
  • Embrace your truth by seeing yourself in a brand new way
  • Identify a fresh approach to learning about yourself that deepens your compassion for yourself and others
  • Embrace the timing of your life and discover a new appreciation for who you really are
  • Leave the woo-woo at the door; this is about adding a new tool to your tool belt
  • Tune into your intuition and learn to trust it regardless of your relationship with it up to this point

take a peek
into the modules.


unlock your cosmic signature

Your natal chart makes your life make sense. It's your beautiful signature in the sky, penned at the moment of your birth. We start by pulling your chart together, and we get right to the point about using it to find the clarity you seek.


you're a ray of sun sign

This is where the magic begins! Your sun sign is your spotlight on the stage of life. It represents how the world sees you. We dive into what it means to you and why you are so much more than your "horoscope sign."


tap into your intuition

The moon has a special place in your chart and your heart. It represents your how to process stress, respond to trauma, and generally manage your emotions. This module uncovers the recipe for connecting your moon sign to your intuition


your cosmic growth edge

Your rising sign is the key to unlocking your next level of growth. When you embrace the characteristics of your rising sign, you tap into the wisdom of your highest self and truest potential.


divinely on time

Want to know when your chart was activated? In this module, I'm breaking down how the cosmic timing in your life works. We explore the most significant time points in your life and how the lessons in those moments brought you to this exact moment in time.


the magic of daily shifts

This module shows you how to go from the daily shit to the daily shifts you need to make to feel free. We dive into how to use basic astrology concepts to enrich your journey and help you find balance in your everyday life.

You may feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere, and the Stars are unaligned...the truth is, the stars are always working in your favor. 

this program is
perfect for you if...

You desire a deeper understanding of your natural talents to feel more confident. That means no longer seeking external validation for who you really are or questioning what you really want in life. You get to exude confidence on the runway of life by learning to trust your inherent gifts.

You're ready to ditch the resentment of where you're at so that you can embrace the possibility of where you're going. That means no longer feeling stuck or feeling like life is happening to you. You get to curate a life that you love to wake up to every morning.

You crave getting to know the inherent trust you were born with. That means no longer searching for answers outside of yourself or doing things just because you think you should. You will unlock the power of instinctively trusting your intuition.

client stories

As an astrologer, Lauren removed the vagueness and mysterious “woo-woo” element of astrology and produced a purely logical and clear map of my life. Her approach to astrology is powerful on a personal and professional level. Her guidance has been of tremendous value and has given me a sense of “knowing” in navigating towards my best life. 

Jennifer P. new york, new york

The opportunity to learn from Lauren about the strengths and challenges in my astrological chart helped me when I needed to pivot professionally.  Her insights encouraged me to get out of my head and into my heart as I began to take the first steps on my new journey.  Lauren's holistic approach highlighted my unique gifts and guided me better to integrate them into my work in the world.

Wendy D. seattle, wa

Lauren's approach to astrology is impressive. Her program allowed me to work through some of the shadow sides of my chart. I especially appreciate her thoughtfulness and preparation. She holds wonderful space using the astrology lens and your chart to drive a meaningful and informative conversation. I highly recommend her for someone looking to dive deeper into their chart, focus on specific aspects, OR someone ready to scratch the surface of Astrology. Lauren is the best! 

Krista R. santa cruz, california


beyond your horoscope includes

6 Video Modules:

Unlock Your Cosmic Signature

You're a Ray of Sunshine

Tap into Your Intuition

Your Cosmic Growth Edge

Divinely on Time

The Magic of Daily Shifts

A Course Guidebook to help you document your journey through the stars

Limited Time Offer: $222 ($777 value)


Do I need to know anything about astrology before purchasing this course?

No, you will learn everything you need to know inside the course.

What information do I need to access my natal chart?

Your date of birth, time of birth, and location (city/state or city/country) of birth.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you have 72 hours from the time of purchase to change your mind for a full refund.

Can I sign up for the 1:1 cosmic guidance session after I purchase the course??

Yes, just email [email protected] to schedule your session.

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