Your step-by-step guide to using astrology basics to change the way you see yourself + your life forever


What if you could...

✦ Wake up rested instead of skimping on sleep in the name of anxiety and racing thoughts.

✦ "Be happy" instead of feeling like you have to put everyone else's happiness (and needs) first.

✦ Ditch the incessant people-pleasing and learn how to resist the demands of everyone else on your time and effort.

✦ Quiet the chaos of adding more to your life: systems, apps, and programs... in the name of efficiency and convenience - you need less on your plate!

The answers you seek...

✦ Aren't on the outside, and yet, I know you've:

✦ Read the books, tried the coaching, and set a goal to meditate every morning. And you're still looking for "more."

✦ Tried talking to your girlfriends and asking them to interpret your current reality at hopes it will help things make sense. That won’t work either, unfortunately.

✦ You won’t find what you’re looking for in a book, on a podcast, or by doing the next 30-day challenge. Doing more only makes you more exhausted.

The truth is: You will never move forward until you learn to trust yourself.

Good news: Astrology helps us trust ourselves again. It's the best friend we need when things feel confusing.

The inner peace
you crave is
within reach

I used to live the grind-life too. I ran my mind, body, and soul into the ground in the name of keeping up with social norms and other people's expectations. 

That all came to a stop when I blew up my career and quit my dream job in luxury retail Thelma and Louise style. I was at the end of my rope, the stress was unbearable, and home life was starting to fall apart. 

Blindly, I trusted that the universe was going to "have my back" even though I didn't know what that meant at the time.

Then astrology found me, and it just found you too.



The answer to making sense of your purpose & finding satisfaction in your everyday life

I created this program so that anyone can ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to astrology for a tailor-made experience that helps you tap into your truth and create a life that feels intentionally designed.


Your knowing
knows what's
best for you

So why is it so hard to trust it?

That’s the kind of deep, structural work we’ll do together in Beyond Your Horoscope. In fact, in the very first module you will unlock your cosmic signature. We’ll pull your natal chart together and you can immediately use it to find the clarity you seek.

Ready for this immediate perspective shift?

What students
are saying


“Lauren helped me pay attention to when I needed moments of power and moments of withdrawal. She helped me distinguish between times of wise hope and wild optimism. She affirmed my interpersonal and personal boundaries–at work, in the home, and with myself, helping me lead a more holistic and healthier life.”

this program is
perfect for you if...

You desire a deeper understanding of your natural talents to feel more confident. That means no longer seeking external validation for who you really are or questioning what you really want in life. You get to exude confidence on the runway of life by learning to trust your inherent gifts.

You're ready to ditch the resentment of where you're at so that you can embrace the possibility of where you're going. That means no longer feeling stuck or feeling like life is happening to you. You get to curate a life that you love to wake up to every morning.

You crave getting to know the inherent trust you were born with. That means no longer searching for answers outside of yourself or doing things just because you think you should. You will unlock the power of instinctively trusting your intuition.

What students
are saying


I was not new to astrology when I found Beyond Your Horoscope, but I was lost. Going through such a massive field of study alone was difficult and intimidating, but thankfully, I found BYH which clearly showed me how to approach my natal chart. Lauren is an incredible guide who explains super complicated concepts with ease and clarity. I found out so many things about myself that I had completely overlooked and didn't recognize in my chart with the guidance I from BYH. Even if you think you "know" your chart, do you know how to use that information to your advantage to create a life that feels authentic? I didn't, but with Lauren's learned and empathetic approach to astrology, I feel so much more powerful in understanding who I am and where I belong in the cosmos!

Take a peek
into the 8 modules

Module 1

From bleary to clear. 

This is your invitation to get unstuck by shifting your perspective about how you see your life. An opportunity to decide who you really are and what you really want. 

By the end of module 1, you’ll see yourself with clarity, maybe for the first time. 

Module 2

I’ll help you make astrology make sense.

Astrology is a self-help tool. And like any tool, we make it work for you. You’ll learn how to decide what fits based on the reflection of your life experiences.

By the end of Module 2 you will know how to identify basic components of your (and other people's) natal chart.

Module 3

 Let’s talk about why those horoscopes just aren’t cutting it. 

You’ll silence the cosmic chatter that floods your feed and understand how astrology is YOUnique to you and your journey. 

By the end of Module 3, you will begin to understand the multiple dimensions astrology basics have to offer and how they influence your energy.

Module 4

I’m going to show you exactly where to focus your energy so that you don’t have to feel like you’re on the energetic rollercoaster every day. 

By the end of Module 4, I show you how to make energy work for you, so you feel energized, not drained, find the balance you’re craving, and never fall out of alignment again (or know what to do when you do).

Module 5

Let’s explore the cosmic tides of life. This is the key to making peace with your past, finding your present moment, and creating the future you desire. 

By the end of Module 5, you will see your life up to this point in a completely different light. Together, we cover making peace with your past so you can move forward feeling freer.

Module 6

I’m going to show you how to think of your energy differently, escape the narratives that are holding you back, and move forward trusting yourself. You are no longer stuck–you are free. 

By the end of Module 6, you will understand how to ditch the density that's running rampant in your day-to-day and learn how to create the reality you desire.

Module 7

This is great, but what about when your partner starts to drive you nuts or your kid is pushing every button? Let’s talk about how to honor other people’s journeys while focusing on your own. 

By the end of Module 7 you will see people and their journey's differently and know how to show up to best support you (and them).

Module 8

Learn to work with the moon, building self-awareness and the courage to experiment, defining what aligned living means to you. 

By the end of Module 8, you will understand where to focus your energy so that you can align your goals to your vision

You may feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere, and the Stars are unaligned...the truth is, the stars are always working in your favor. 


beyond your horoscope includes

8 Video Modules

On-demand live video modules

The BYH printable workbook to help you explore your chart

Guided exercises to help you make your journey make sense

Monthly virtual community events included for the first 3 months; Live Q&A & continuing education

Limited Time Offer: $499 ($1200 value)


Do I need to know anything about astrology before purchasing this course?

No, you will learn everything you need to know inside the course.

What information do I need to access my natal chart?

Your date of birth, time of birth, and location (city/state or city/country) of birth.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you have 72 hours from the time of purchase to change your mind for a full refund.

Can I sign up for the 1:1 cosmic guidance session after I purchase the course??

Yes, just email [email protected] to schedule your session.

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