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working with the moon doesn't have to be woo-woo, fussy, or require you to sit in a field braless with random strangers and tap into your ancestral trauma. I mean... it can, don't get me wrong, but you don't have time for that.

modern women need modern moon guidance and rituals, let me show you how to co-create with the moon energy to access the clarity you're seeking









moon basics

a fresh perspective

moon basics Astrologically-speaking, the moon resembles our emotional body and how we respond to stress. We each have a moon placement in our natal chart. When we understand its significance it can shed light on our emotions and how we let them flow (or not). Awareness around these energetic shifts each month, and how we are feeling during them, helps us identify what patterns, behaviors, and feelings we need to address. The magic happens when we tune into our emotional frequencies at these time points and align them to the vision we desire.

moon ritual essentials

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peak energy

moon calendar

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the person
the guidance

I remember feeling so selfish for wanting more out of my life. I had literally everything you could dream of, and yet, it wasn't enough. My soul felt unsettled and fidgety. I felt like a sham.

On the outside, things were picture-perfect. On the inside, I had an emotional storm brewing. Things were shifting. My closest relationships were ending. My point of view and values were shaken to my core. I had no idea how to navigate, and honestly, I was scared. 

That's when I quit my job following an unresolved #metoo moment at work and a toxic work environment. Overnight I went from kicking ass and taking names to feeling like I couldn't get out of bed... or afford a manicure. That's when I found astrology. A tool I never knew I needed, but that changed my life in the most profound way possible. It saw me, and suddenly my beautiful, messy, fabulous life started to make sense.

The entire way I looked at myself, my emotions and my desires changed forever. I finally understood why I was here and why following my passion for more would set me free.

Astrology gave me permission to live life on my terms. It helped me understand that I wasn't behind schedule, and there was plenty of time to make the changes my soul was craving.

Looking for your own personalized guidance? I offer 1:1 cosmic consulting and group containers sessions, click here for more information.


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