3 Astrology Basics to help you Unf*ck & Uplevel your energy (masterclass)

Hey Gorgeous, I'm Lauren

When the universe has your back, anything is possible. 

I help you craft a delicious life from the inside out - one that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

My innovative & strategic approach combines proven scientific methods with intuitive cosmic insights to help you to ignite your intuition, desires, and, ultimately, your highest potential.



Journey to
My Magic

In 2019, I was at the top of my corporate career, working for a Fortune 200 company, and I woke up most mornings feeling like my soul was being suffocated.

I took my power back by quitting Thelma & Louise style and embraced the mantra “the universe has my back,” even though I had no idea what that meant.

Today, I run a worldwide agency dedicated to helping women ignite their purpose and potential by exploring the power of their unique cosmic signature and replacing their hustle culture mentality for the clarity their soul is craving.




It's called Clarity Consulting, but it's going to feel like soul-rattling, potential affirming, and ultra-personalized space that changes the quality of your thoughts and energy, which changes the trajectory of your life.


This work isn't about taking your power back. You never lost it. I help you learn how to amplify your YOU-nique energy so you can create a life that feels good to wake up to.

- Lauren DeGolia, Clarity Consultant & Speaker


"This is one of the most enlightening moments I have ever had. Lauren has a profound way of explaining and telling you things that you kind of already know, but in a way that you can really hear it. To me, it gave me a sort of stepping stone to embrace, understand, and become more of who I am. If you have a chance, a session with Lauren is a must!!"

- Towe T.

"I was blown away by my session with Lauren. The Information she brought to the session was highly personalized and presented in a thoughtful, accessible manner. I really could not believe how much she ‘knew’ about me! Lauren provided me with a safe space to unlock the past, gently coaxed me into some blind spots, and offered clear, actionable advice for the near future. I will definitely seek her services again.”

- Jane D.

"I had an incredible experience working with Lauren. From our first reading to our follow-up conversations where we really unpacked some key themes and strategies for my life, I felt like Lauren really knew me. She clearly has a gift for this work and made the experience so fun and informative! I truly believe that our paths were meant to cross and I am so grateful for her insights and guidance! Thank you, Lauren!"

- Laura M.

"Lauren's approach to astrology and mindset work is impressive. Her program allowed me to work through some of the shadow sides of my chart. I especially appreciate her thoughtfulness and preparation. She holds wonderful space using the astrology lens and your chart to drive a meaningful and informative conversation. Lauren is the best!"

- Krista R.



Learning how to navigate the cosmic tides of life is part of the journey. Here's your 2023 guide to working with the full & new moon cycles so that you can know when to expect a shift.


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