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I help high-achieving women like you create a richer quality of life from the inside out. 

Ready to upgrade the parts of your life that feel stuck on the struggle bus and embrace the freedom of leading with the Intuitive Edge™? 




Maybe you can’t decide if you’re ready to break down or breakthrough, all while navigating the delicate balance of corporate life or solopreneurship, unlocking your purpose, juggling a chaotic home life, feeling exhausted all the time, and questioning MANY of your life choices.



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My Magic

Isn't it crazy how you can have so much to show for your life, and yet, deep down it still feels like you're waiting to arrive to fulfill your purpose? This paradox can feel a lot like driving your dream luxury car and not knowing, or trusting, that your final destination is where you want to end up.  

What if you're disappointed with your choice? What if the wheels fall off the car and you don't actually make it? What if you look back and all the hustle and grind was a house of cards that didn't really mean what you thought it did?

These fears are what keep you on your toes, constantly pushing you to be and do better, but you know, deep down, they are costing more and more and you're wondering how long you can keep up with this pace. So you remind yourself, "I'll be hap

Knowing success the way you do, it's easy to forget how much you've actually achieved in your life because you're constantly looking for more. It can feel 


In 2019, I was at the top of my corporate career, working for a Fortune 200 company, and I woke up most mornings feeling like my soul was being suffocated.


Today, I run a worldwide agency dedicated to helping women replace the stuckness in their minds by exploring the power of their unique cosmic signature and replacing their hustle culture mentality for the clarity their soul is craving.


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