Keep it simple!

astrology cosmic calendar less hustle more flow Apr 04, 2022
Here's a little reminder for the week: let things be simple. 

Aries season and springtime turn up the volume for our need to hustle. We start over-committing, and the self-criticism of not doing enough kicks into high gear. I should be able to juggle all of these pieces, and I'm capable.

It's true, gorgeous. You are capable. Too capable.

This week, let yourself off the hook and show yourself some extra grace by asking yourself, "How can I simplify?" Apply that question to everything you're doing and watch things shift. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 

When we consistently simplify our life, we find more space for ourselves. That may sound lame and cliche, but the truth is, it's hard to do. We are conditioned to over-think, over-do, and over-index on what needs to get done that we just keep doing it all without questioning it. 

5-minute energy hack: Before you go to bed tonight, look at your to-do list or your calendar and see what can be shifted or reduced to make tomorrow feel a little more "flowy" and adjust accordingly. Bonus points for scheduling 10 minutes of "you time" instead of doing something that feels draining!


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