A Beginners Mindset + More Flow

energy mindset shifts Apr 11, 2022

"A beginner's mindset is a foolproof way of creating fluidity and removing your ego." Oof, that feels so much more profound than it probably should. 

This little nugget of wisdom dropped into one of my mentor's teachings yesterday afternoon and honestly, I'm here for it. The truth is, I used to HATE it when people said "oh, just try a beginner's mindset, it's the way to success." I knew that was the answer, it seems obvious. What I never knew was how to think about it, and I definitely didn’t know how to implement it... until today.

A shift happened when I heard it from a place of energetics rather than a place of logic. I relate to the idea that each day is a fresh start to make new choices and show up differently, but I’ve always thought of this more as a checklist task that an energetic alignment task. This, my friends, is where my ego has been tripping me up. 

Why? Well, because when we try and implement a Day 1 mindset from a place of logic, we place expectations on the desired outcome, on what we’re wanting to achieve. Sure, we’re open to starting over with fresh eyes, but our ego is driving the bus, not our soul.

When we begin with wonder, curiosity, and treating things like we’re seeing them for the first time from a place of energetics, we tune into the magic of possibility. This allows us to co-create what is meant for us because we start from a place of energetic alignment. This approach supports the theories around Law of Attraction (LOA) and manifestation because we are beginning our day in a high vibe frequency. My own mind is blown with how this is all coming out on my screen rn. 

I know it’s Monday and the last thing you want to think about is how to crack the code on energetically aligning to your day. So I’ll leave you with this; our intuition plays a huge role in the energetics of our day. Listening to the whispers, even when they feel silly, is how we finetune the skill of navigating with our souls. I encourage you as you go through this week, especially leading up to the full moon in Libra, deets below, to look at your day through the optics of energetic interactions. What’s flowing? What’s not? Why does that situaiotn always seem challenging?

The most important part of an experiment like this is to check the judgement at the door. There’s no judgement of how things are “supposed” to be with a beginners mindset. There’s no good, or bad. There just IS

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